Also where the fuck is it taught to hate things that aren't normal? Please show me. You are making these accusations that "this is how society was made to think" but honestly I've never heard to be disgusted by something that is different.


racism, for one.

sexism. misogyny. fatphobia. ableism. literally anything that is taught to children to seperate human beings into different classes.

ie, children making fun of another child for being fat. that is not intrinsic. that is taught.

there is not such thing as normal.

'never heard to be disgusted by something that is different' then what the hell are you doing here? why are you sending me messages about how i'm so wrong because my views are different? all i did to 'start this' was reblog a post of someone who was harassing a friend of mine because i was in shock that someone could believe that human rights were something that people need to 'earn'.

literally treating any human being as something different is taught and it is enforced by the heteropatriarchy. every, single. little. thing.

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I'm not talking about human rights, I'm talking about nature and how shit has been since before your grandparents even existed. That probably why we aren't on the same page. I'm not talking about how society views genders and how it oppresses them I'm talking about how species reproduce and live on instead of going extinct. If you didn't know already, humans are a species and if we don't reproduce we will go extinct. That's what I mean by when I say creature's purposes in life are to reproduce.

human nature is not to reproduce. the fact that we think it is is perpetuated by society and rape culture, which shows that women are caregivers and the only use they have to men is to be receptacles for semen.

human nature and human rights are absolutely intertwined and if you talk about one, you talk about the other. human rights are governed by human nature. human nature is governed by seeking out basic human rights.

i don’t care if humans go extinct. by the time that happens, i will be long dead, and my not reproducing will have nothing to do with that. humans reproduce because they want to. it is not a need.

you straight up brought up how society views genders. i’m not pulling these responses out of my ass. i am replying to what someone who is too afraid to attach their name to their crappy opinions is sending me.

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No one said people are forced to reproduce, its all a choice like I said before. Just because society thinks something doesn't mean its true. If you live in society then you are choosing to have its views. Open your mind to other views outside of it.

are you honestly being serious right now? if you have an opinion, stick to it.

you just said that the purpose of humans is to reproduce. that does not sound like a choice. individual liberty, which is basic human rights. basic human rights are water, food, shelter, emotional and mental health/well being, bodily autonomy etc. none of those are choices. reproducing is not a right, and it is a choice.

stick to your fucking opinion and stop changing what you’re saying. i’ve been saying that everyone lives in society. everything we do is in society. just because i live in society does not mean i have its views. it means i understand the common societal views and choose to agree or disagree, and choose to have my own opinion, based on what i understand to be the commonly accepted societal opinions.

do you really think that saying something like ‘gender and sex don’t exist’ is not opening my mind, or saying that ‘a moneyless, stateless society with the abolishment of private property and classes is better than a capitalist society’ is not having an open mind? do you really think so

stick to your guns or don’t fight at all.

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Of course you can have a baby through science but it will involve a sperm and an egg.You don't need a man to have a kid but you'll still need sperm.unless you can show me an human with both of those already in them, the opposite sex is still involved

have you never heard of intersex people or?? there have been instances of people being born with a uterus and testicles. do you just sit in some small dark room where only men and women exist and have never actually done any sex or gender research?? like even if there is just a gender binary there are still intersex people

and no, you don’t need sperm. you can literally create sperm from bone marrow. there are also ways to create artificial sperm. 

like get out of your head and actually look at the world and its advances and you’ll see that one, there is a lot more than just men and women, and two, there is so such thing as sex or gender. what the fuck

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Whether you want to believe it or not, every living creature's purpose in nature is to reproduce. Read up on some science. Society and actual life are not the same thing. Society doesn't create genders. Your views are too clouded by what society~ 1/2
thinks and that’s a really stupid way of looking at life. I totally agree that there are people who shame on “abnormal” genders but that doesn’t mean that those aren’t normal genders. People will be freaked out by anything that is out of the norm.2/2

no. the purpose of human life is not to reproduce. that is not a right, it is a want. people reproduce because they want to. saying that people reproduce because they are forced to by biology is saying that humans have no consciousness, which is obviously false. i have no desire to reproduce and therefore i will not. i know other people in the same boat. i know people with the desire to reproduce and they will, because it is a desire, not something they need to survive.

society and actual life aren’t the same thing?? that doesn’t make any sense. i live in society. everyone lives in society. my actions and everyones actions are based around the society we live in. 

gender has nothing to do with society. not at its base. and ???? my views aren’t clouded by society?? i don’t understand how you got that. i understand how society views gender and sex and i have worked very hard to overcome those indoctrinated oppressions and views. try it sometime.

gender can and is often based around society. people base their genders on society all the time. and yes, society—ie, the heteropatriarchy—does in fact create genders. it creates things such as high heels which inhibits the people who wear them from moving quickly. it creates gendered clothing that forces women especially to carry purses. that is something that is forced on people by society.

your last two sentences don’t make any sense. ‘there are people who shame abnormal genders but that doesn’t mean they aren’t normal’? what does that even mean

and no shit people shame people for being abnormal, because we’re taught to do that. we’re taught from an incredibly young age to be resistant and to fight back against people we don’t see as normal. that is taught. it is not natural.

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R.I.P. the actual meaning of the word “aesthetics” 

the way this website uses “aesthetics” is 100% in line with the dictionary definition, what’s the weather like up there on your high horse

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Needing the opposite sex to reproduce? GARBAGE. I CAN MAKE A CHILD WITH SCIENCE AND NO MEN INVOLVED.

i can make a baby with my uterus and my own bone marrow or something men have reached the apex of uselessness

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You know humans and every other living creature's main purpose in life is to reproduce and keep their species alive. There are some creatures that don't need the opposite sex to reproduce, but humans do. That's why "males" and "female" were made~ 1/2

hmmm no. our main purpose is not to reproduce. our main purpose is individual liberty ie basic human rights. reproduction is not one of those.

also, don’t relate people to animals, given that those are two entirely different sects of beings

also lmao need the opposite sex to reproduce? we can make babies from marrow. nice casual transphobia there. even on just a small axis of gender there are still women with penises and men with vaginas. try again.

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i have a pretty good idea of who is sending these but i’m not going to call them out

and also like how is someone this gross what the fuck

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and to be clear, when i say gender doesn’t exist, that doesn’t mean there still aren’t gender identities. there is nothing wrong with identifying as a woman or anything else (besides a man). just because gender isn’t actually a thing doesn’t mean there still aren’t names for it

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Gender is whether you have a penis or vagina. You can change and alter it, but you'll still have some sort of gender. I still don't understand how you can think those don't exist, like when a baby is born what do you expect the doctors to call it?

oh my god alright how are you serious

gender is none of those things. gender is what someone personally identifies as. imo, that’s still conforming to the patriarchy. gender is not defined by genitals what the fuck

and actually, you don’t have to have a gender. i don’t have a gender. i know other people without genders. this is the most transphobic thing i’ve seen in a long time

and honestly, when a baby is born, doctors look at the baby and decide whether they can penetrate or can be penetrated. that is what our society is based on. that is the first thing a doctor looks for when a baby is born. that baby is not a sexual creature and will not be for at least a decade and a few years, if not longer. to say that is what a doctor should look for when a baby is born is absolutely disgusting. children are not sexual creatures.

what the fuck is wrong with you, honestly

gender does not exist.

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look at gender and sex this way:

the gender and sex “binary” is something that cishets are comfortable with and something they are barely accepting of. we have no obligation to have sex or gender identities that fall under what makes cishets comfortable. in fact, i would say trans and gnc have an obligation to make cishets uncomfortable (of course, that leads to assault/murder/rape/etc, which is not the goal) but we are not obligated to keep ourselves in gender and sex roles that make other people comfortable.

that is the heteropatriarchy and that is why gender and sex do not exist

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cut for length


So, let me get this straight… you want a world with no public schooling, so uneducated children, no laws or police, so crime and murder running rampant, no courts, so no punishment for those who do murder and rape… and people working for compensation is…

You know what? I’m done arguing with you. You’re literally preaching a society of feral people with no structure to it, where anyone who is accused of a crime is KILLED without due process. There are so many holes in that plan, I just… You are literally insane.

alright, even though that’s not what i’m saying at all! do some research on communism

have a good night

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also there’s an argument to be made for gender and sex being racist, given how its so intertwined with racist stereotypes, but given that i’m white i’m not allowed to go into that, given that i haven’t experienced it for myself or suffered the oppression of those things

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i dont wanna lecture you all about respecting other people but just real quick

i know trigger warnings can sometimes seem overzealous and ridiculous to people who are not triggered by stuff but please realize when you make fun of trigger warnings you’re making fun of someone who experienced some sort of traumatic event and just wants to feel safe

there are lots of funnier things that dont involve you kicking someone while theyre down

one time i saw a burger king marquee that said “chickend stris”

that was way funnier than any trigger warning joke that has ever been made

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